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imagine teen bloggers in sb

"ugh i hate the town line. i s2g if i didn’t lose my memories, i’d be so out of here lol"

"so i saw the evil queen hanging out with the royal family the other day at granny’s??? like they were eating together and laughing? man i am so behind in town politics omfg when did they stop trying to kill each other"

"where do the royal family go when they randomly disappear?" "fuck if i know man" "maybe they’re aliens from mars" "whatever we’re fairytale characters who are we to judge"

"i miss being a bird in ftl. then i could fly. fly away from this fuckery."

"i’m pretty sure i just saw the sheriff and the mayor making out outside granny’s." "NO FUCKING WAY" "DID SOMEONE GET A PICTURE" "dude what the hell, that’s super rude." "aww that’s actually really cute" "GOLDILOCKS SHIPS IT" "shut the fuck up"

"so i just said hi to henry and he had no idea who i was?? what the fuck is going on here anymore i’m so done"

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Sherlock + his hobbies

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Way to sell it.

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The Queen and The Savior #actual 5 year olds

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I’m not gay.